Artist Pick Up 2010 August


● Comments from GOD

Asami Yokosuka will appear on the 17th Birthday, “YOKOSUKA EXTASY SUMMIT vol.3”!
Let’s celebrate Yokosuka Asami, who plays a part of Uruga’s 10th anniversary, together with Urga’s 10th anniversary.

● Introduction of members from Yokosuka

God Tanaka (gt, vo) →
Parts, voices, and behaviors that seem to have been born from parents who think that “big things are good”.
If you meet this guy at Koenji, you won’t be able to go home until morning, so be careful! !!

Risa (b) →
A female bassist who can’t judge whether a man is good or a woman is good.
Hebereke makes you want to take it home. Be careful of yourself! !!

Itasan (ds) → A
beautiful skin drummer who also works in the AX class in another band.
If you go out with member “G”, you will run out of sleep. Be careful of rough skin! !!

★ TRIO THE GOD FREE Live Schedule ★

8/12 (Thursday) Shinjuku JAM ■ 8/27 (Friday) Shinjuku URGA
■ 9/17 (Friday) Shinmatsudo FIRE BIRD