Artist Pick Up July 2010

Aural Fit

Japan’s leading explosive psychedelic rock band Aural Fit.
The way sound pressure is radiated as a wall can no longer be reproduced on a CD.
However, there are many opportunities to come into contact with their performances, which continue their constant live activities.
If you haven’t experienced it yet, I would like you to entrust yourself to the roaring sound.
I want you to experience what is coming from beyond the roaring sound.

Aural Fit Live Schedule
7/29 (Thu) Shinjuku Urga
c / w: Mania Organ, Kotowari, Henry Honda Unit
8/18 (Wed) Shinjuku Urga
c / w: Shiro Onuma + Hariya + GEN + Miki Koseto, Yoshitetsu Mochizuki / Kishimoto Junichi, Reiko Yano, IRON FIST Tatsushima Quartet, etc …