Artist Pick Up November 2010


Five bandmen from different genres gathered for the purpose of “let’s talk about Heisei riders hotly”.
The story eventually turned to “Heisei Rider Song, let’s play!” And formed a band easily!
Here, the perfect harmony Heisei rider cover band
“HEN-SHIN” is born for rider lovers by rider lovers !

Live debut on July 10, 2009 at Shinjuku Urga.
When I played the original rider song from the debut live with enthusiasm, “It’s different from the useless system that only makes copies there!”, It was highly praised by rider lovers!

Therefore, as a joint project with the coterie circle “Crimson Cafe”, the completely original rider “Crow” project was started.
In addition to the theme song and insert song of “Crow”, we also produce settings for characters and stories that appear.

80 CD-Rs of “Crow” pilot version theme song sold out on the same day at Comiket in the summer of 2009!
At the same time, when the OP movie of “Crow” was released on youtube and Nico Nico Douga, the total number of views exceeded 4000!
When we announced the “Crow” theme song & insert song album and “Crow” setting collection at the 2010 summer comic market, 100 copies were sold out on the same day!

Then, in the first year of formation, we held a one-man live at the Ikebukuro try on August 28, which was a great success.
The second episode of the novel version “Crow” will be announced at this winter’s Comiket.
And we are planning to start another new project for Comiket next summer!

This time, a joint project “Our Hero VOL.3” by Shinjuku URGA and HEN-SHIN will be held on November 7th.

■ November 7, 2010 (Sun) Shinjuku URGA
Shinjuku URGA & HEN-SHIN co-
starring “Our Hero VOL.3” : Poisonous monster, Tsugumono, King and servant, DOZEW

It looks like a monster instead of our hero It feels like all the bands have come together … you see
, Orphenok is eligible to be a rider! w
* Orphnoch is a monster that appears in Kamen Rider 555. The rest is Gugurekas.

So, on November 7th, we shook hands with us at Shinjuku URGA!