Artist Pick Up January 2010

Zombie Blasphemy Formed in 2009.Doom / Death Metal organized by Norwegians and Japanese. He is active mainly in Tokyo, focusing on slowness, simplicity, and an overwhelming world view, as if going against the scene of trying to master the speed and technique of recent years.Based on Doom, the musicality with various elements such as Sludge, […]

Artist Pick Up February 2010

Emotional Ticon A POP 4-member noise band formed in 2007.Sing, scream, rap, dance and play.Bake bread and sometimes destroy musical instruments!Every time, we are developing a regular and messy live performance. ● MembersVo. & G. DanceVo. & G. AyabouNoise MarieNoise Jun Emotico’s first project will be held in Uruga on Valentine’s Day! ● Future live […]

Artist Pick Up March 2010

REEXAMINE Pursuing old-school death metal that has gone against the times since its formation in 2003 The negative musicality that neither fashion nor TPO can be said will not change even after 10 years Death metal, work than three meals If you don’t have it, you can hit the blast beat . Do you want […]

10th Anniversary Project Full thanks!

A series of events from April 19th to May 31st, “URGA 10th Anniversary”.Thanks to everyone, it was a great success. I would like to thank you here. Thank you very much!It was once the curtain for the series project, but we will continue to run at the same speed in the future.If you miss music […]

Artist Pick Up July 2010

Aural Fit Japan’s leading explosive psychedelic rock band Aural Fit.The way sound pressure is radiated as a wall can no longer be reproduced on a CD.However, there are many opportunities to come into contact with their performances, which continue their constant live activities.If you haven’t experienced it yet, I would like you to entrust yourself […]

Artist Pick Up 2010 August

TRIO THE GODFREE ● Comments from GOD Asami Yokosuka will appear on the 17th Birthday, “YOKOSUKA EXTASY SUMMIT vol.3”!Let’s celebrate Yokosuka Asami, who plays a part of Uruga’s 10th anniversary, together with Urga’s 10th anniversary.Congratulations! ● Introduction of members from Yokosuka God Tanaka (gt, vo) →Parts, voices, and behaviors that seem to have been born […]

Eventer Pick Up September 2010

Shikku (Event Clumsiest Organizer) Appearing at live houses all over the country, he appeared without any discomfort and was drunk and rampaged. Not only mosh to dive, but you can go up the stage and start playing ○○○ as much as you like. After all, I fell asleep on the floor of the live house. […]

Artist Pick Up November 2010

HEN-SHIN Five bandmen from different genres gathered for the purpose of “let’s talk about Heisei riders hotly”. The story eventually turned to “Heisei Rider Song, let’s play!” And formed a band easily! Here, the perfect harmony Heisei rider cover band “HEN-SHIN” is born for rider lovers by rider lovers ! Live debut on July 10, 2009 at […]