URGA Live House


You can now easily purchase advance...


Please make a deposit from a net bank or ATM and contact us by email. That’s all.

■ Notes ■

● We do not reserve only reservations. Advance sale is completed by deposit + email.

● If you are a mobile phone, please make sure that you can receive the email before sending it.

● If payment cannot be confirmed by 9 pm the day before, it will not be accepted.
Even if it is transferred on the day, it will be invalid.
Please note the above.

If you would like a day without the “Buy Ticket” mark, please contact us by email!

Please make a deposit from a net bank or ATM and contact us by email. That’s all.

● Please come to pick up your ticket by the day before.
・ A “reservation number” will be issued when both email and payment are confirmed.
・ If you can pick up your ticket, please come to Urga in advance as much as possible.
・ Basic business hours are from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
If the entrance is closed due to preparations, please call us.

◆ If you cannot come to pick it up, we will mail it to you.
・ Please transfer the shipping fee of 300 yen together with the ticket fee .
(If you purchase two or more, it is only 300 yen.)
・ Please let us know the shipping address by e-mail.

● If you do not pick up the item by the day before, we will hand it over after confirming your identity at the reception desk on the day.
・ Please be sure to mention the reservation number.

◆ Notes・ In the case of a live performance with a special description of ticket sales, it   may not be handled by “Advance Ticket Urga” . Please be careful.  ・ It will be valid when both “email” and “payment” are confirmed by the evening of the previous day.   Please note that the transfer on the day will not be treated as an advance sale.

・ Get your live tickets as soon as possible!

・ When handling tickets with e +, Lawson tickets, etc., the order of admission on the day is [1] Urga sales, [2] e + and Lawson ticket sales, [3] Same-day tickets will be issued. In that case, you will be admitted in the order of the ticket on the day, and in the order of each ticketing number (ticket number) of the person who was at the time of opening (not all live performances have this rule).